Designed to work, built to last

Designed to work, built to last

Designed to work, built to last

Warehouse Furniture & Trolley Manufacturer

Buy Direct…

  • More cost-effective
  • Allows you to modify designs quicker
  • Gives you design input at source
  • We’re directly accountable for quality and lead times
  • We’re “geared” to deal with End Users

…From the Manufacturer

We do all the production in house. This enables us to give customers competitive prices, quick lead times and be reliable on delivery dates.  Dealing with the manufacturer gives you greater control over your purchase and confidence that you know what you’re buying before delivery. We prefer to deal with “end users” – this gives us greater control over the image of the Steely brand.  It minimises communication errors in design, we speak direct to the customer.

Better designs for your money.

We build to your specifications

If you need something specific, bespoke to you, contact us today to see if we can make it for you. Whether you have a design, a rough sketch or just an idea - we can help make it a reality.

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