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Welcome to Steely Products, your trusted provider of manufacturing and retail steel equipment. From window and door trolleys to garment rails and packing tables, our industry-leading metalworkers ensure that all of our steel products are made with the highest levels of care and quality.

High Quantity Standard products

We work with large manufacturing, warehousing, retail and logistics companies like you to produce practical apparatus that speeds up processes and improves the efficiency of your warehouse and business.

Is your warehouse in need of new high-level equipment? Browse our collection of products and get in touch with our experienced team today to get started with your order.

Why Steely?


Garment Rail Colours Sofa in warehouse. Box A 7. Process Packing table Tote Trolley 2.3 Y Type Profile Trolley


Can Steely manufacture bespoke products?

Yes, Steely can produce bespoke, we understand that to increase efficiency in some situations a solution must be bespoke. Bespoke orders normally have a MOQ of 5 Units.

Do Steely have sales reps on the road for visits?

Yes, we offer face-to-face consultation visits.

Does Steely have a MOQ?

Yes, we have a MOQ on certain products – call for details.

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