How a warehouse storage racks supplier always puts safety first

Safety is a priority in warehouses, especially when using storage racks. (more…)

Brexit and Christmas pressure warehouse space

Warehouse space in the UK is reportedly nearly full because of Brexit and the Christmas season. (more…)

Questions to ask your truck and trolley manufacturer

Busy warehouses need durable and reliable trolleys and trucks to move goods to the shelves and carry items that have been ordered. There are (more…)

How furniture trolleys suppliers help companies grow

Furniture trolley suppliers are keeping up with the changing demands of the furniture industry. (more…)

ASOS blames warehouse reorganisation on falling profits

Online clothing retailer ASOS’s profits fell by 68% in its 2018/2019 financial year. In a company statement, it blames this on (more…)

Robotics firm: Fully automatic warehouses could be decades away

The CEO of Fetch Robotics, Melonee Wise, has predicted that it will be many years decades until robot systems replace all (more…)

UK steel industry may grow after Brexit, says manufacturer

Heinz-Juergen Buechner, managing director for automotive and industries at IKB Deutsche Industriebank, has said that if Britain leaves the (more…)

Maximise your space with help from a warehouse racks manufacturer

Investing in quality warehouse racking reduces clutter, increases productivity and maximises warehouse (more…)

How ‘quiet equipment’ helps warehouses in residential zones

Urban warehouses located near residential areas need to operate quietly so as not to disturb neighbours, which means quiet warehouse equipment is required.

Online customers are (more…)

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