Tips for warehouse health and safety

There are many safety risks in the warehouse. Not only do warehouse owners that fail to deal with safety issues risk workers’ health, but unsafe warehouses also have high employee turnovers, can result in many lost working days and owners can be faced with legal action by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The worse-case scenario is the death of a worker.

Warehouse management should promote (more…)

Five points to consider when expanding your warehouse

With fewer people shopping in stores during the coronavirus pandemic, retailers have been expanding their online presence. Online customers expect fast delivery times, and preferably next day delivery. When online orders increase, it’s time to look at expanding warehouse capacity to (more…)

Crew Clothing launches interest-free credit option

PayPal has launched its new ‘Pay in 3’ instalment solution in the UK, and Crew Clothing is one of the major retailers that is now using (more…)

Why steel is the best material for warehouse equipment

There are several reasons why steel is the best material to use for warehouse equipment. While there is equipment available that uses plastic and cheaper materials, these do not have the benefits of (more…)

Steelmakers create new ‘green steel’

Two technologies – hydrogen use and carbon capture – have been adopted by European steelmakers to create what is being (more…)

Supply chain staff hailed as heroes

Health care workers are defined as key workers, but it is increasingly being recognised that supply chain workers are unexpected heroes of (more…)

Research reveals robots cannot pick items better than humans

While Amazon is at the forefront of automation, research has revealed that its robots cannot pick products for orders better than (more…)

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