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Whatever you need them for, such as sorting and transporting windows and large sheets, make Steely Products your first choice A-frames supplier.

What is an A frame?

An A-frame is a simple but elegant solution to storing and moving large sheets. A simple design on two A-shaped pieces attached by a beam provides a stable structure that’s perfect for storing large sheets. A number of A-frames stacked together is a space saving way to stock large numbers of sheets. Large sheets or windows can easily be stored on Steely A-frame, as well as picked off when needed.

Strong and practical

A Steely A-frame is manufactured from tough tubular steel. Steely is not just an A-frame supplier; we manufacture the steel A-frames at our Manchester workplace too.

Although perfect for storing and carrying windows, A-frames can be used to hold any type of large sheets. Ours are built to last and provide many years of trouble-free service.

There are two types of Steely A-frames: the Steely heavy duty mobile A-frame and the Steely static A-frame.

Steely static A-frame

The Steely static A-frame is the ideal solution for storing large sheets or windows. It can be covered in carpet to protect glass and other delicate materials. A forklift truck can easily lift the static A-frame and safely transport it, along with its load.

Steely heavy duty mobile A-frame

The Steely heavy duty mobile A-frame is just the job for transporting windows and large sheets around the warehouse or factory. Timber slats running along the side protect sheets, making this A-frame ideally suited to moving windows.

The Steely heavy duty mobile A-frame has four sturdy casters that make it easy to move.

What makes Steely your best A-frame supplier?

Steely is a family-run firm that have been making tubular steel material handling products in Manchester since 1970.

Our A-frame products have been especially designed to fit the needs of businesses that need to store and transport windows.

Since we manufactures A-frames ourselves and don’t need to source them from elsewhere, we can provide quick lead times and reliable delivery dates.

We employ highly skilled metalworkers, and many satisfied customers rely on us for their material handling products. As you are buying direct from the manufacturer without using a wholesaler, you will find that Steely A-frames are great value for money. We prefer to deal directly with the “end user” rather than go through a third party distributor or wholesaler.

Steely Products can supply bespoke made A-frames and other material handling products. If you have an idea for a particular design that meets your needs, talk to us. You don’t need to have had professional design experience; a quick sketch or a rough idea is enough to start a discussion about a tailor-made design, which we can develop into a reality.

Our many repeat customers regard Steely as the number one A-frame supplier, so don’t delay – talk to us today about how we can help the material handling needs of your business.

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