Steely is a family firm manufacturing products from tubular steel. We do all the processes here in Manchester in-house, from metal preparation through to powder coating and dispatch.  By targeting specific markets, we have gathered experience and knowledge that we bring to the table and apply to your enquiry. We believe that design is a process and the input of experience and knowledge makes the solution more valuable. We believe Steely gives you better designs for your money.

Our history

Steely Products was set up in 1970 by Frank Richardson, who took his background in metalwork and envisioned new ways to save time and improve efficiency in the workplace. This started with trolleys to move a variety of awkward products, and quickly expanded to packing tables, storage racks and a variety of other timesaving items. The difference between Steely and others was that Steely designs incorporated customer specific needs. Products were purpose-made to customer operations.

At the time, it was relatively unorthodox to use metal rather than plastic or wood to make trolleys in some industries, and the trolleys themselves came to be known as ‘steelies’, giving rise to the company name.

All these years on, Steely is supplying customer with purpose-made trolleys, table and metal products economically – meeting all expectations.

Why choose Steely Products?

We appreciate that when looking for purposed-made material-handling equipment, it can be difficult to know where to start. With Steely, you buy direct from the manufacturer, meaning you can be confident of sound design skills, an uncompromising focus on quality and on-time delivery.  We do all the manufacturing in-house and therefore have control of lead times, price and quality.

We place our emphasis on customer service and liaise with you at every stage to ensure that you’re completely satisfied. This includes visits, demonstrations and economic prototypes.

Our customers return time after time because we are:

•    A friendly, family-run business with a proven record of satisfied customers
•    A steady and strong team of skilled metalworkers who produce quality products
•    Happy to carry out site visits and provide samples
•    An established name in the industry since 1970

Feel free to contact us today with your request or query. You can use our contact form or give us a call on 0161 702 7002.

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