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Aisle Picking Trolleys

Here at Steely Products , we’re proud to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of aisle picking trolleys.

While some of the largest retailers make headlines by using robots to pick items in their huge warehouses, the reality for most small or medium businesses is that they rely on human workers using aisle picking trolleys in their warehouses and storage areas. The time when robots remove the need to human workers is a long way off yet, so many businesses rely on Steely Products for all their materials handling equipment.

What types of aisle picking trolleys are available?

Steely manufactures a variety of aisle picking trolleys suitable for all work environments. All our aisle picking trolleys are designed to increase the efficiency and organisation of your picking processes. We make trolleys and other material handling equipment using strong tubular steel, which is sturdy and built to last.

A simple two-tier design is suitable for general uses, and various containers can be added to an aisle picking tray. For operations where a number of small items are picked, an aisle picking trolley with open ended boxes is ideal. For larger items, versatile plastic baskets can be used on the trolleys.

To reach high places, an aisle picking trolley that incorporates a ladder is ideal.

Some models of our aisle picking trolleys include holders for the paperwork that makes the recording of order picking easier.

All our aisle picking tables are versatile and can be used to both pick and act as packing stations to prepare items for delivery. To complement them, use a Steely inspection table that has a built-in light.

Bespoke solutions

Steely Products’ range of aisle picking trays is suitable for many locations, but some customers require a tailor-made solution. No problem – we can modify any of our designs to make them more suitable for your picking needs. We can also supply modified designs in small or large volumes.

You don’t need to be a professional engineer or designer to have a bespoke product made, just an idea or rough sketch is enough for us to work with.

Why choose Steely Products?

Steely Products is a family-run firm based in Manchester, and we’ve been making and selling high-quality tubular steel material handling products since 1970.

Steely prefers to work with the “end user” rather than using distributors or wholesalers. By buying direct from the manufacturer, you can buy at economical prices. We provide quick lead times and reliable delivery dates.

Any of our products can be modified to your exact specifications. Our reputation is built on talking to our customers to match their requirements to the best products we can design and manufacture. If you are not sure what equipment you need, we are happy to visit your site and discuss your best choices for material handling equipment according to your needs.

Our repeat customers rely on us for aisle picking trolleys and other work aids, so contact Steely Products today to find out how we’ve helped so many businesses.

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