What to expect from a warehouse storage racks manufacturer

There are many warehouse storage rack manufacturers in the UK. There are a number of qualities you should expect from a good (more…)

Is there an alternative to welding metal?

Welding is a process to attach one piece of metal to another. Welding is not easy, requiring a high degree of skill. There are alternative methods of joining metal together, some of which are easier. Why doesn’t Steely Products use non-welding methods, especially as some of these methods are cheaper and quicker? To explain why, let’s examine each (more…)

Joules founder opens new headquarters

The founder of Joules recently opened the retailer’s new headquarters in Market Harborough, and he said that it symbolised the company’s history, as well as (more…)

Warehouse owners face shortages of staff and space

Cushman & Wakefield, a property agent, has warned that the UK could run out of warehouse space within the next 12 months. Another issue warehouse owners are dealing with is (more…)

Components of an optimal box trolley

The box trolleys we make at Steely Products are based on a simple design, but a lot of engineering and design expertise goes into developing the ideal box trolley for our end users. Read on to learn about the required components (more…)

Logistics group to recruit new HGV drivers

The logistics group Whistl has launched the Whistl Driving Academy to train a new (more…)

Google Supply Chain Twin improves logistics

Many supply chains have been disrupted over the last year. Google has developed a new cloud tool, Supply Chain Twin, to help improve supply chain logistics. (more…)

Seven common warehouse mistakes

A well-organised warehouse is more productive and saves costs. Many warehouses make mistakes that make them inefficient. Fortunately, most mistakes can be easily rectified. Here are seven common mistakes that (more…)

World’s first delivery of green steel made without coal

Steel from Swedish steelmaker Hybrit, which has made without using coal, has been delivered to (more…)

New pouch system makes handling returns more efficient

A new pouch system has been developed to handle returned items more efficiently for (more…)

How to improve warehouse packing efficiency

Warehouse operators are always looking to improve productivity to better serve their customers. Fast, efficient order processing leads to (more…)

Online retailers strive for frictionless warehouses

The goal of online retailers is to have a frictionless warehouse, where there is a smooth operational flow from the initial order to delivery to the customer, without (more…)

Crew Clothing among fastest-growing UK fashion retailers

New research has named Crew Clothing as one of the top five fastest-growing fashion (more…)

Material handling equipment market forecast to hit $200 billion

A new report by Global Market Insights expects the value of the worldwide material handling equipment market will exceed 200 billion US dollars by 2027. (more…)

What are the benefits of powder coating tubular steel?

At Steely Products, we powder coat tubular steel to make quality material handling and storage equipment. The powder coating finishing process coats the steel with finely ground particles of resin and pigment, which form a thin, durable (more…)

Is steel environmentally friendly?

Tubular steel is used to make warehouse equipment as it is lightweight and strong. However, many people wonder whether it is also environmentally friendly. In the following sections, we’ll (more…)

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