Bespoke Trolley Manufacturer

As a bespoke trolley manufacturer based in Manchester, we have been designing and building quality trolleys and material handling equipment since 1970.

The Steely range of trolleys

At Steely, we manufacture a range of quality trolleys constructed using strong tubular steel. The standard range of our trolleys are designed to store and transport a number of items; we have trolleys to move beds, furniture, sacks, boxes, windows, doors, glass, large sheets, headboards, cushions, mattresses, chairs, rolls, garments and more. Diversity and flexibility are at the heart of everything we do.

What’s more, our trolleys have strong castors to make them easy to move around the workplace.

The bespoke solution

If none of Steely’s large range of trolleys is suitable for your needs, then the solution is a bespoke trolley individually designed for your work situation.

If you have a design idea in mind, a rough sketch, a quick written summary or simply expressing your thoughts in conversation will be enough for our designers and expert metalworkers to create a design prototype. Our reputation has been built on listening to our customers and adapting our designs to their exact needs.

If you are not sure about your design, a Steely expert will visit your workplace, observe how your goods are organised, then come up with a bespoke trolley solution. This is what sets us apart as a bespoke trolley manufacturer.

There are several features that can be added to your design; ladders can be built into your trolley to enable goods to be easily picked and transported from high shelves. To free workers’ hands when picking or storing goods, paperwork can be held in built-in holders. For dimly lit areas, lighting can be added to your designs, or if your items are fragile, wooden battens or carpet covering can protect against damage.

A variety of boxes and carriers can be added to a trolley design. These come in all shapes and sizes depending on the nature of the products that need to be moved.

It doesn’t matter if you want a small or large number of trolleys, Steely can build a bespoke trolley for you.

Why choose Steely?

We manufacture and supply all types of trolleys suitable for a large variety of goods. We prefer to deal directly with the ‘end user’ rather than wholesalers or distributors, so by cutting out the middleman, our prices are economical. A bespoke trolley will therefore probably be less expensive than you think!

The Steely range of trolleys has been developed in partnership with our customers. We welcome and listen to their comments and modify our designs in response to their feedback.

Our attention to detail and commitment helps us build quality products that work well and are built to last, making the storing and moving of goods efficient and organised.

Steely Products is a family run business, and a bespoke trolley manufacturer across several decades. Our many repeat customers testify to our commitment to keep innovating.

Want us to design and build a trolley unique to your organisation? Contact us today for a chat about your needs.

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