Top ways to improve your packing performance

If you are running a storage warehouse that supplies the garment industry and other sectors, then packing will be a major part of your working routine. Being able to get items packaged and ready for dispatch as quickly as possible is essential to your (more…)

Software named key to warehouse productivity

Warehouse owners struggling to find staff to fill vacancies are considering using robots to replace human workers. There is a case being made for prioritising software (more…)

Virtual clothing in metaverse reduces returns

High street retailers such as Crew Clothing and Joules have increased their turnover by expanding their online sales operations. (more…)

Wearable technology significantly reduces warehouse injuries

A company has used wearable technology in its UK warehouse to reduce injury risks, with (more…)

Steel industry calls for green steel production

The European Union is considering a carbon tax on steel, but the steel industry is calling for increased green steel production instead of taxes. (more…)

Joules headquarters wins prize for top corporate workplace

The Joules headquarters in Market Harborough has been named the Best Corporate Workplace by the (more…)

Improve your warehouse storage using efficient work accessories

Being able to run a storage warehouse efficiently is dependent on having the right accessories for your everyday working needs. These will range from rails and trolleys for hanging and transporting items to benches and stations to (more…)

UK’s first beyond net-zero warehouse completed

Warehouse developer Prologis has constructed the UK’s first warehouse that is beyond net-zero carbon emissions. This is achieved by energy-generating technology that produces more (more…)

AI technology improves manual handling safety

Typically, after a new employee has completed a manual handling course, they are on their own until the next scheduled training, but new technology could (more…)

Joules announces clothing take-back scheme

Clothing retailer Joules has announced the launch of the ‘Joules ReWear’ scheme to take back clothing purchased from (more…)

Five common mistakes by warehouse management

There are five common mistakes that warehouse managers make that reduce warehouse efficiency. James Burman, in a report for SHD Logistics, said that knowing about these mistakes can improve the smooth running of (more…)

High-grade packing tables for preparing orders

Getting orders ready for delivery is part of working life in the warehouses where items are stored. This will typically involve everything from the actual packaging of the goods to adding any labels needed, and completing admin processes to (more…)

Storage and display with quality clothing and garment rails

Clothes must be stored and displayed in ways that avoid creasing or more serious damage such as rips or staining. The best way to do that is to hang them on rails that have been specifically manufactured to prevent that. For that reason, industry warehouses and shops must (more…)

Delivering the best steel sofa display racks on the market

High-quality display racks for sofas are needed both in the storage and the retail parts of the furniture trade. Those who supply furniture to high street shops around the country need to be able to store all of the sofas they (more…)

Repurposed buildings could be solution to warehouse shortages

The UK has a warehouse shortage. Repurposing existing building space could provide the extra storage capacity businesses need. (more…)

Joules’ marketplace aids expansion

One way for a retailer to expand is through marketplaces, where third-party companies sell products. Joules is an example of a fashion retailer that has successfully launched its (more…)

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