Virtual factory develops new types of steel alloys

A partnership between Swansea University, Warwick University, WMG and Tata Steel is using virtual factories to discover ways to develop new steel alloys.

Steel is a (more…)

The versatility of tubular steel

Almost every industry has a use for tubular steel, which makes it one of the most versatile materials available. For many applications, there is no alternative material that has the same combination of lightweight and (more…)

Designing an efficient warehouse system

An efficient warehouse system is about maximising the use of vertical and horizontal space. It is also essential to have the best manual handling and storage equipment. A warehouse should be structured to minimise the (more…)

Microsoft develops garment recognition technology

Tech giant Microsoft has developed new technology that can identify a garment from a smartphone picture, even against a busy background. This promises to (more…)

Spend more money to reduce your picking and packing costs

The above title may seem like an illogical statement, but an explanation will make sense of the concept.

The goal of picking and (more…)

Creating the best picking and packing system

It is vital for a business that processes many orders each day to have the best picking and packing system. This means finding the best equipment, as well as a logistics system to handle orders. (more…)

Are their alternatives to steel for making trolleys?

Many businesses rely on trolleys made from steel to manually move items, but can steel be replaced by other materials? (more…)

Reusable boxes could replace cardboard ones

Most goods are packed for delivery in cardboard boxes that are not used again after being received, but American packing manufacture Menasha has developed a range of reusable boxes that are designed to be used up to (more…)

A guide to designing your own picking trolley

A picking and packing trolley is simple technology. It has wheels to easily move it, and a platform or shelves to carry items. There are wide variations in trolley options available so that thousands of different picking trolleys can (more…)

Innovative garment rails at new clothing company headquarters

The Blue Clothing Company designs clothes manufactured by high street brands. The firm recently moved into its new headquarters in Marylebone, London.

The company needed (more…)

Are multistorey warehouses the storage space solution?

There is a lack of available warehouse space in the UK, and this has led some experts to believe that multistory warehouses could be the way forward.

The Colliers International Industrial & Logistics Barometer for (more…)

Do manual handling workers need exoskeletons?

Workers who manually handle heavy items can wear industrial exoskeletons to help make lifting and carrying easier. An exoskeleton is a wearable device that increases strength and endurance. They are either active with (more…)

New technology developed in tubular steel manufacture

New plastic and steel hybrid technology called hollow-profile hybrid (HPH) has been developed that claims to be higher-performing than traditional (more…)

Why tubular steel is ideal for manual handling and storage equipment

Tubular steel is a versatile product that is ideal for making custom-designed manual handling and storage equipment. (more…)

Are there alternatives to welding?

To join tubular steel to make strong manual handling and storage equipment, skilled metalworkers weld tubular steel lengths to form strong joints, but is this the (more…)

Robots will create more jobs than they replace, says report

There is an often-cited belief that robots will replace human workers and lead to mass unemployment, but a report by the World Economic Forum contradicts this (more…)

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