Human interaction still needed in automated warehouses, says tech expert

Siwaj Rojanatemsak, Country Manager of Thailand, Zebra Technologies Asia-Pacific, has recognised that automation has benefited warehouses, but he (more…)

Sack trolleys – an old technology that works

Sack trolleys are a material handling solution that dates from the 18th Century that is still in widespread use today.

There are many (more…)

Creating a bespoke packing station

A lot of businesses with a packing area use standard packing tables, but sometimes standard equipment is not the best. This is when you need a (more…)

HSE advises a fresh approach to manual handling

New advice recently issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) suggest that rather than relying on an off-the-shelf training package for manual handling, where techniques are standardised to cover all eventualities, employers instead (more…)

Moving towards more environmentally friendly steel

Tubular steel is used to manufacture material handling and storage equipment, since it is a strong lightweight material and is sustainable. After equipment fabricated from tubular steel comes to the end of its life, the (more…)

Garment rails – a simple but timeless solution for hanging clothes

Garment rails are a simple but elegant solution to keeping clothes neat, tidy and clean. A rail attached to two posts and coat hangers offers a simple way to hang clothes to (more…)

Tips to improve warehouse maintenance and save money

The warehouse industry has undergone some major changes in recent years; with the rapid growth of e-commerce, JIT stock inventory and next day (more…)

Why tubular steel is better than plastic for handling equipment

Tubular steel is a versatile material that can be used to construct material storage and handling equipment such as tables, trolleys, racks and garment rails. An alternative material is plastic, but there are several reasons why (more…)

Six steps to designing the perfect packing table station

A tubular steel packing table is simple and straightforward technology, but not just any table is suitable. Picking and packing operations vary, even within the same warehouse that has different packing areas. To (more…)

Reducing energy consumption with an automated lighting system

Big savings can be made with an automated lighting system that uses LED lighting alongside the latest in wireless communications. Installation and maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum, and with wireless technology, disruptions to production are avoided. It is believed that between (more…)

High tower storage solution increases efficiency

A custom-built pick tower installed six months ago on Lutterworth’s Magna Park, has helped logistical expert CML win vital new online business. The tower has increased previous storage space to around 60,000 square feet with a capacity for up to (more…)

The evolution of manual material handling equipment

The movement of goods from storage to the end user is a process that has been going on for thousands of years, but has evolved to meet modern expectations.

At one (more…)

Counting the cost of picking innovations

The ever-changing world of e-commerce has resulted in some incredible innovations for order picking, delivering increasingly fast solutions for rising consumer demand. The days of batch picking for retail outlets is steadily being replaced with single order picking for the home delivery market, and warehouses and distribution centres are constantly looking for ways to improve (more…)

How to design the perfect trolley

Trolleys have been used for centuries to manually transport materials. The basic design of a trolley is simple, a set of wheels and a platform or (more…)

The development of welding

From furniture racks to pick and pack tables, most material handling and storage equipment is manufactured using welding to join lengths of (more…)

Why use tubular steel to manufacture storage and handling equipment?

The best quality storage and material handling equipment are made from tubular steel. After all, users want robust and long-lasting equipment, so a (more…)

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