Report encourages making best use of warehouse space

A report published this month by Colliers has highlighted that Britain is running out of warehouse space. If extra warehouse capacity cannot be found, it is vital for (more…)

Steel industry discusses sustainability

At a conference at the end of 2021, members of the steel industry and researchers met to discuss the (more…)

Warehouses deal with record number of returns

It is estimated that the number of online orders returned to warehouses after Christmas 2021 will be worth a record (more…)

Warehouse storage racks – key to an efficient warehouse

At Steely Products, we make a variety of warehouse storage racks that adapt to all warehouse management systems to make them more efficient. Whether you (more…)

Joules’ revenue increases by 35%

Fashion and homeware retailer Joules has reported that its revenue in the first half of 2021 was £128 million – an increase of (more…)

All you need to know about furniture trolleys

Without specialised equipment, furniture is difficult and unsafe to move. Sofas weigh a lot and are awkwardly shaped, mattresses are heavy and non-rigid, and many types of chairs are not stackable. Standard trolleys can be used, but they limit how many items of furniture can be carried at once. There are furniture trolleys available that make the (more…)

The history of the box trolley

Box trolleys rely on technology from hundreds of years ago, which still has a place in the modern warehouse. Read on for a brief history of (more…)

Ecommerce boom creates demand for warehouses

Warehouse deals for space equivalent to 93 Wembley stadiums are expected to be (more…)

Worker safety top priority of warehouse automation

More warehouses are adapting automated systems to improve productivity and efficiency. In a report for, the most important consideration when introducing automated systems is (more…)

Rugbytots forms partnership with Crew Clothing

The fashion retailer Crew Clothing has announced a partnership with Rugbytots, an organisation that provides safe spaces for children from the age of (more…)

Case made for choosing human pickers over robots

Gabe Grifoni of Rufus Labs has made the case for humans being better than (more…)

What to expect from a warehouse storage racks manufacturer

There are many warehouse storage rack manufacturers in the UK. There are a number of qualities you should expect from a good (more…)

Warehouses need to prepare for sales surges

Sales surges, such as Black Friday and Christmas, make it difficult for warehouses to keep up with processing a large number of orders, and warehouses are (more…)

What is sustainable inventory management?

Sustainable inventory management aims to reduce the social and environmental impact of a company without (more…)

Is there an alternative to welding metal?

Welding is a process to attach one piece of metal to another. Welding is not easy, requiring a high degree of skill. There are alternative methods of joining metal together, some of which are easier. Why doesn’t Steely Products use non-welding methods, especially as some of these methods are cheaper and quicker? To explain why, let’s examine each (more…)

Guide to warehouse trolley options

When choosing a trolley for the warehouse, there are several factors to consider: the type, size and weight of items, and the type of operation that the trolley is needed for. Most warehouses need more than one type of trolley design. Below is a guide to the various different (more…)

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