Google Supply Chain Twin improves logistics

Many supply chains have been disrupted over the last year. Google has developed a new cloud tool, Supply Chain Twin, to help improve supply chain logistics. (more…)

Sustainable warehousing helps make online sales greener

There has been a large increase in online sales, and that has caused a high demand for new warehouses. Consumers are demanding that environmental concerns should be addressed by online retailers, and this includes making the construction and operations of warehouses more (more…)

Ecommerce growth creates demand for ‘super sheds’

The pandemic and closure of many high street shops have fuelled a high demand for large (more…)

Seven common warehouse mistakes

A well-organised warehouse is more productive and saves costs. Many warehouses make mistakes that make them inefficient. Fortunately, most mistakes can be easily rectified. Here are seven common mistakes that (more…)

What to do if you run out of warehouse space

When a business expands, it needs to hold more stock. Ecommerce customers are demanding a wider range of lines, and many warehouses are running out of storage capacity. Fortunately, there are ways to increase a warehouse’s capacity, and we’ll explore these in (more…)

Joules returns to profit thanks to online sales

The Joules fashion chain made a £2 million profit in the financial year to May 2021, compared to a loss of £24.8 million the year before. (more…)

Seven tips for organising a warehouse

Whether stock is kept in a small stockroom or a large warehouse, it needs to be organised well. Follow these seven tips to help make your (more…)

How to design a warehouse layout

Maximising the capacity of a warehouse requires an efficient warehouse layout design. Creating a good warehouse design is not simple, however, as there are a number of factors that need to be considered. In the following sections, we’ll explore these factors and the different areas a (more…)

World’s first delivery of green steel made without coal

Steel from Swedish steelmaker Hybrit, which has made without using coal, has been delivered to (more…)

Third-party logistics companies help retailers with returns

During the pandemic, online sales grew significantly, but so did the number of returns. As a result, third-party logistics companies (3PLs) are helping (more…)

Zero-carbon steel plant seeks funding

ArcelorMittal plans to construct the world’s largest zero-carbon steel plant in Sestao, near Bilbao in Spain. The company is seeking 500 million euros of public money towards the cost of the plant, which is set to cost one (more…)

New pouch system makes handling returns more efficient

A new pouch system has been developed to handle returned items more efficiently for (more…)

Seven innovative technology trends in the warehouse

Efficient warehouses combine technology with manually operated equipment. Artificial intelligence and automated machines work alongside pickers pushing trolleys and packers working at packing tables. Here are seven innovative technology trends that can increase the (more…)

What are the seven Rs of logistics?

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK defines the seven Rs of (more…)

How to improve warehouse packing efficiency

Warehouse operators are always looking to improve productivity to better serve their customers. Fast, efficient order processing leads to (more…)

How to make a warehouse more green

Scientists say that high carbon emissions pollute the atmosphere and are likely the cause of climate change. Encouraged by the government, most businesses are doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions by (more…)

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