Improving warehouse efficiency in five simple steps

An efficient and well organised warehouse can not only save you money, but is crucial for improving and maintaining customer satisfaction. Ensuring the right goods are sent out on time is a matter of good organisation and (more…)

Logistics industry facing a digital revolution

According to some industry experts, the future of business will rely more and more on technology to operate, with some predicting that (more…)

New warehouse in Luton promises 1,000 new jobs

Plans to set up a new Lidl warehouse facility in Luton are going ahead.

The German discount retailer has (more…)

Sheffield earmarked for new Amazon warehouse

Online retailer Amazon may be opening a facility in Sheffield, as plans for a new FBA (fulfilled by Amazon) centre are underway, according to local newspaper The Star.

The new fulfilment centre could sit (more…)

Monitoring warehouse humidity and temperature can save you money

The unpredictability of the great British weather can sometimes impact on storage and stock items, producing the conditions that are (more…)

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