What can the next generation of two-way radios bring?

Two-way radios have been around for a long time in the warehouse and logistics industry, playing a crucial role in communications within large facilities. The digital age has helped the two-way radio evolve and this important piece of equipment now has many new inbuilt features: (more…)

Top three potential warehouse safety hazards

Improved safety standards and awareness have done a lot to minimise hazards in the workplace over the past few years, yet the warehouse can still be a dangerous environment if associated risks are not addressed properly. Here are three of the top most common areas for potential hazards: (more…)

Making the most of the packing station

The phenomenal growth of e-commerce has had a dramatic effect on how warehouses and distribution centres handle fulfilment of customer orders. As little as 10 years ago, using adjustable packing tables was thought to be an innovative solution for comfortable packing, today ergonomically designed packing stations have been designed to offer (more…)

How trolleys should be designed and used

A steel trolley appears to be simple technology – join together a few lengths of tubular steel, add a wooden top and bottom, and fit some casters and a (more…)

Preparing for the warehouse of 2030

Automation experts, Swisslog, have released a study analysing plans for the future of warehousing and how operations might look by the year 2030. The trends of today’s society are becoming more and more reliant on technology; this is having a major impact on consumer behaviour, shaping the way we shop and of our expectations of services. The study ‘Future Perspectives: Planning for the Warehouse of the Future’ examines how the current trends will affect (more…)

Why Steely uses metalworkers to weld steel

At Steely Products, we’re proud to make high-quality material handling and storage equipment using tubular steel that is welded together. There are many advantages to (more…)

Can apparel storage organisation increase warehouse efficiency?

Organising your apparel warehouse into a well run storage facility can help your business grow and improve the service you give to your customers. Knowing exactly where everything is at any given time means your staff can fulfil orders quickly and correctly, improving labour efficiency. First, you need to make sure that the system you put in place is suitable for (more…)

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