Why tubular steel is ideal for manual handling and storage equipment

Tubular steel is a versatile product that is ideal for making custom-designed manual handling and storage equipment. (more…)

Are there alternatives to welding?

To join tubular steel to make strong manual handling and storage equipment, skilled metalworkers weld tubular steel lengths to form strong joints, but is this the (more…)

Robots will create more jobs than they replace, says report

There is an often-cited belief that robots will replace human workers and lead to mass unemployment, but a report by the World Economic Forum contradicts this (more…)

How design and manufacture make a world of difference

In warehouses, storage areas and retail operations, it’s important to purchase the best quality manual handling and storage equipment. (more…)

Fatal accident highlights the value of collision detection systems

A court that fined Great Bear Distribution in a £300,000 fatal accident case heard that collision sensors could have saved the worker’s life.

According to a (more…)

Exploring the full potential of tubular steel

Tubular steel has many functions. It is practical, lightweight and strong, which makes it ideal for material handling and storage equipment such as trolleys and warehouse shelving. It can also look decorative and be (more…)

Reopened Scottish steel plant leads fightback for British steel

The newly opened Liberty Steel Dalzell in Motherwell, Scotland is determined to gain its share of the steel market in the UK.

There is a (more…)

The many ways to organise efficient picking and packing systems

Picking and packing are essential processes in warehouses where goods are picked from shelves then moved to packing tables for dispatch. There are several ways to organise a picking and (more…)

Well-designed trolleys make pushing and pulling safer

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) figures reveal that more than a third of accidents at work are related to manual handling. To reduce the number of accidents requires safety training, thorough procedures and well-designed manual handling equipment such (more…)

Report highlights how IoT can save logistics costs

A report titled ‘IoT in Logistics: Technologies and Usages Cases’ by analytics company GlobalData, looks at the growth of IoT and how it can help reduce warehouse and distribution costs.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is (more…)

How technology has increased the versatility of tubular steel

Tubular steel has been around since the 1920s. It is a versatile material that is ideally suited for making material handling and storage equipment. It is lightweight and strong and can be easily shaped and welded to (more…)

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