Demand for warehouse trolleys expected to grow

New research on the material handling market has found that the demand for manual handling equipment, such as warehouse trolleys, is expected to grow during the next seven years. (more…)

The warehouse trolleys manufacturer role in e-commerce

Many high street retailers, like Crew Clothing, Joules and Next, are finding that fewer customers are purchasing from their high street stores. To deal with this challenge they have expanded their online operations. (more…)

Changing garment industry and heavy duty garment rails

High street fashion brands, such as Next, Joules and Crew Clothing, are changing their approach to business and as such may rely on heavy duty garment rails to keep their garments organised and protected. (more…)

How a furniture trolleys supplier can help with warehouse moves

When a furniture company expands, they will at some point outgrow the capacity of their warehouse and may need to move to a bigger one. Well-made furniture trolleys are needed as part of this process. (more…)

Studies reveals most absurd health and safety rules

Social media followers were recently asked for their examples of the most ludicrous and unfair health and safety rules they have been subject to. (more…)

Safety concerns raised over pre-Brexit warehouse stockpiling

Peter Ward from the United Kingdom Warehousing Association has said that Britain’s warehouses are short of space because of the stockpiling of goods in anticipation of a no-deal Brexit. This situation has raised safety concerns about (more…)

How important is the right type of tubular steel in manufacturing?

A quality warehouse equipment manufacturer makes racks, trolleys and tables from tubular steel which is both lightweight and strong. There are many different grades and qualities of tubular steel, so how does a (more…)

How a storage rack supplier benefits your business

A common need among businesses is an area to store items. This can range from a small office supply room to a huge warehouse that (more…)

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