Whatever you store, a warehouse equipment manufacturer can help

The basic equipment warehouses need has not changed a lot in decades. Most warehouses handle their goods manually. There may use forklift trucks to (more…)

Exoskeletons could help prevent injuries to warehouse workers

German company DB Schenker has been trialling the use of exoskeleton machines to prevent injuries at its logistics warehouses in Germany.

Repeatedly (more…)

How volume packing benches cope with the surge of online clothing orders

Many high street clothing retailers are expanding their online businesses in order to survive, and need well-designed packing benches to do (more…)

Celebrities boost demand for clothes

When a celebrity wears clothing from a well-known brand, it creates a high demand for items and this can cause stock control issues.

In the summer of (more…)

Could temporary storage be the answer to the UK’s warehouse shortage?

The UK is running out of warehouse storage space. Temporary warehouses can provide extra storage capacity.

The national warehouse vacancy rate is (more…)

Manual handling regulations to stay the same after Brexit

According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), health and safety regulations after Britain leaves the European Union will (more…)

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