Storage rack production – keeping pace with the online boom

Many new warehouses are being built to cope with the rapid demand in online sales. Storage rack production has increased to provide the (more…)

Ergoskeletons take the strain for warehouse pickers

A French company has developed the Ergoskel, a device warehouse pickers wear to prevent back and neck strain when lifting heavy items.

Warehouse trolley (more…)

What makes the perfect packing table?

If your business packs and dispatches many orders each day, you need an efficient and organised warehouse. Every item of warehouse equipment needs to (more…)

Study shows Industry 4.0 significantly boosts warehouse margins

A report by ABI Research claims that gross margins can be increased by 5% to 13% over five years if warehouses use private mobile network technology.

Industry 4.0 is (more…)

Amazon invites journalists to witness safe working conditions

Faced with criticism in the press about alleged unsafe working conditions in its warehouses, e-retail behemoth Amazon has responded by inviting customers and journalists into its warehouses to see for themselves how workers’ health and (more…)

Garment industry recycling initiatives help environment

The garment industry is showing its concern about the environment with several initiatives to recycle products such as plastic hangers. (more…)

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