Making workers’ lives easier with a picking trolley manufacturer

Order pickers are an essential part of the process of picking, packing and dispatching orders. Whether in a gigantic Amazon warehouse or a smaller independent clothing store’s one, it is important that they have the (more…)

Steel industry seeks ways to reduce carbon footprint

The steelmaking process produces about 7% of the world’s carbon emissions and the steel industry is looking at ways to reduce its carbon footprint.

The Global Head of (more…)

How British-made furniture trolleys help support the country’s manufacturers

Although many items used in business and the home are manufactured in China or Asia, you can still find furniture and furniture trolleys made in the UK.

The British Furniture Manufacturers Organisation has (more…)

Fully welded rails help garment retailers stay afloat

These are challenging times for garment retailers, with many brands closing or announcing reduced sales. However, some brands are expanding, especially in their online operations. To handle extra orders new warehouses have (more…)

Augmented reality speeds up order processing

A new augmented reality system has been tested that speeds up the processing of orders.

Online customers expect (more…)

Joules revenue rise shows that fashion retailing still profitable

The latest profit figures from clothing retailer Joules show that fashion retailing in the UK can still be successful.

There have been several high profile fashion (more…)

Businesses must invest in health and safety of manual handling workers

According to an article by Graham Sharp in Material Handling World, businesses should invest in the health and safety of (more…)

How a storage trolleys manufacturer helps keep storage areas organised

Storage trolleys are essential equipment for storage areas and warehouses, and choosing the best is important to make efficient use of (more…)

Energy-saving warehouse finances price cuts

Supermarket company Lidl has built a new warehouse in Ireland that is so energy efficient, the company has pledged that (more…)

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