Picking trolleys with steps – ideal for high items

Picking trolleys quickly move products from warehouse shelves to packing stations. To maximise storage space, shelves need to be built as high as (more…)

Packing benches – the key to optimising the packing process

In a busy warehouse, the packing bench is at the heart of order processing.

An efficient warehouse is (more…)

Nanoparticle-infused metal could revolutionise welding

Nanoparticle technology is being developed that could make it practical to weld what are normally unweldable materials.

A problem with many (more…)

The versatility of heavy duty garment rails

Garment rails have been around since the 12th Century because they are an efficient solution to hanging clothes. Modern heavy duty garment rails are (more…)

Choosing the best box trolleys for your business

Box trolleys are very useful in warehouses, storage areas or around the office. At Steely Products, we make several models of box trolleys, but which is (more…)

Live inventory management systems enable zero-interruption inventory counting

New inventory management technology could transform the operation of stock counting

When stock needs to (more…)

The journey from a field to a new £20m headquarters

Clothing brand Joules was started by Tom Joules in a field 30 years ago. This year, the company is moving to a new £20m headquarters outside of (more…)

Always consult a warehouse rack manufacturer when designing racking systems

Equipping a new warehouse or reorganising an existing one requires a number of design decisions. A valuable assist in the design process is a warehouse rack (more…)

Brexit and environmental regulations challenge warehouse owners

In 2020 warehouse owners are faced with two main challenges: stricter environmental legislation and Brexit. (more…)

Your vertical steel rack supplier can make storage safer

Steel is a common material used by British manufacturers. Handled and stored correctly, it is a very safe form of metal, but every year there are serious accidents that happen when steel is badly stored and handled. Vertical lengths of (more…)

Designing storage trolleys for humans and goods

Storage trolleys are used by many companies to store and move goods. The most common form of storage trolley is the flatbed trolley, which is versatile and suitable for many types of goods. However, there is no single trolley (more…)

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