Keeping storage rack production in pace with extra demand

The use of warehouse storage space has increased dramatically over the last year or two and this has put pressure on storage rack manufacturers to (more…)

How a frame trolley manufacturer can keep your workers safe

Frame trolleys are necessary to safely store and move large sheets of glass or metal. Large window manufacturers such as Safestyle and Everest move thousands of (more…)

Warehouse owners urged to prioritise safety when installing new rack systems

In the USA, the materials handling association RMI and rack manufacturers are concerned that in response to increased orders, new racking systems may (more…)

Five reasons to clean your warehouse during slack periods

During the winter months, many businesses have a slack period, which, according to Barry Crockett, the product designer of Brushtex brushware, is an (more…)

New technology creates personalised injury reduction program for warehouse workers

Wearable technology is providing data that helps formulate a personalised injury reduction program.

Warehouse workers can (more…)

Why your warehouse racks producer is crucial to your storage operations

A warehouse racks producer is a key element in an efficient and organised warehouse. It is vital that the warehouse racks fit your (more…)

Brexit makes predicting warehouse equipment needs difficult

For small to medium businesses, a key to buying materials handling equipment is flexibility, but the uncertainty around the effects of Brexit makes it (more…)

How your storage racks supplier helps you make more space

Many warehouse owners find themselves needing to keep a larger number of items on their storage racks because of increased orders. If they are in (more…)

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