The five benefits a warehouse rack manufacturer provides

Retail businesses focus on the fast and accurate fulfilment of orders. A warehouse rack manufacturer can supply the racking that stores merchandise and keep it safe from (more…)

Ask a warehouse equipment producer to help you plan a new facility

Many fashion retailers, such as Joules, Hobbs and Boohoo are increasing their online retail operations and are opening new warehouses or expanding the capacity of (more…)

Warehouses reopen after upgrading worker safety

Warehouses that were closed because of the coronavirus pandemic have reopened after upgrading their safety measures to protect workers. (more…)

Four things to do before buying packing benches

Busy warehouses need packing stations that enable operators to process the maximum number of orders in a day. At the heart of the station are the packing benches. Though (more…)

Mobile tables – an essential element of adaptable warehouses

One thing that’s really been driven home in recent weeks is that warehouses need to be adaptive to deal with changing business patterns.

Many retailers, such as (more…)

Why UK manufacturers rely on practical furniture trolleys

When it comes to furniture trolleys, UK manufacturers need ones that are well designed, practical and will last a long time under heavy use.

Many items of (more…)

Fashion retailers running out of warehouse space

There is an estimated £10bn of clothing stockpiled in warehouses, prompting major fashion retailers including Peacocks, Arcadia and Primark to no longer accept deliveries to (more…)

MP calls on warehouse workers to be protected

MP for Barnsley Central, South Yorkshire has called on warehouse operators to protect their workers during the coronavirus crisis. (more…)

Six tips for the best use of warehousing packing equipment

Warehouses aim to speed up the order fulfilment process, and a packing station needs to be organised to quickly dispatch orders with no errors. There are (more…)

E-retailers urged to improve protections for warehouse employees

Some online retailers have been criticised by the GMB Union for not enforcing social distancing and other protective measures during the coronavirus (more…)

Why fully welded rails are ideal for heavy use

The garment industry needs clothing rails that are strong and not liable to break. Fully welded rails have joints designed to last and withstand heavy loads and (more…)

Strong clothes rails – a tried and tested solution

Clothing retailers and manufacturers rely on strong clothes rails in their shops and warehouses.

Selling clothes from a (more…)

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