A welder’s guide to tubular steel

The best warehouse equipment, such as shelving, packing tables and trolleys are made from tubular steel. Tubular steel is lightweight and strong, but it requires the work of expert welders to stay in place. (more…)

Flexibility – the key to a good warehouse storage rack supplier

Warehouses and storage areas need reliable storage racks, so warehouse storage rack supplier needs to be flexible enough to adapt to the individual requirement of (more…)

Steelmaker given €75m loan for low-carbon steelmaking

ArcelorMittal,the world’s largest steelmaker, has received a €75m (approximately £68m) loan towards two projects in Belgium that are developing technologies to produce steel with fewer carbon emissions.

Many industries rely on (more…)

What does a trolley designer do?

A trolley designer creates the trolleys that warehouses and storerooms rely on, and should do so without a “one size fits all” approach. There are all kinds of items that trolleys carry, from small boxes of screws to (more…)

Order processing systems need efficient packing stations

A badly designed packing station slows down order processing, decreases packers productivity, and increases errors. With poor systems in place, companies can quickly find themselves with a bad reputation for slow delivery (more…)

Government issues guidelines to warehouses on protecting the workforce

A 32-page document called “Working safely during COVID-19 in factories, plants and warehouses” has been published by the UK Government for (more…)

The fashion retailers continuing to thrive in lockdown

Although many fashion retailers are struggling, some are coping with changed business conditions, and even making the most of a new opportunity.

During the (more…)

How are warehouse equipment manufacturers helping the NHS?

Warehouse equipment manufacturers are doing their bit for the NHS in several ways during the coronavirus crisis.

The Nightingale hospitals were (more…)

Why use a bespoke warehouse trolley supplier?

The standard range of warehouse trolleys is not suitable for all users. No two warehouses are identical; their trolley requirements differ. A UK-based warehouse trolley manufacturer will (more…)

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