Why use garment-on-hanger supply systems?

Fashion retailers emerging from the coronavirus lockdown are reexamining their supply chain systems, and a key factor is the way garments are transported from the warehouse to shops. A garment-on-hanger (GOH) supply chain (more…)

How a warehouse racks manufacturer helps storage reorganisation

When business conditions change, warehouses face the challenge of finding the best way to reorganise their racking system to accommodate more inventory or create social distancing arrangements. A warehouse racks manufacturer will (more…)

How to make sure your box trolleys are used safely

Many businesses rely on box trolleys to move items around the storage areas and offices. Box trolleys are safe to use provided that they are designed well and workers are trained in their safe use.

Highly automated (more…)

How to optimise warehouse racking and shelving

Many warehouses are re-opening as the lockdown eases. Warehouses are reorganising their storage areas to accommodate social distancing and increased hygiene procedures. This is a good time to optimise racking and shelving systems. (more…)

How buying half-price clothes helps factory workers

Lost Stock has launched a new scheme that sells half-price clothing in an effort to help out-of-work clothing factory workers (more…)

Fashion stores plan for June 15th reopening

From next Monday, June 15th, clothing retailers are allowed to reopen their stores.

Like most (more…)

Shareholders concerned about warehouse safety

Amazon shareholders in the US are pressurising the company to publish safety data. This is after several of the e-retail giant’s workers complained about warehouse safety.

Warehouse safety is (more…)

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