Mistakes made in warehouse layout, and how to avoid them

There are many ways to design an efficient warehouse layout, but there are also many ways to get it wrong. Designing a layout for a warehouse is complex, and many factors must (more…)

Joules’ performance exceeds expectations

Joules, like many fashion retailers, has been hit by the coronavirus epidemic, which forced its stores to close for a period. Despite this setback and a decline in profits of 5% for the trading year, its customer base has continued to (more…)

How to pack faster in a warehouse

In a warehouse, order items are gathered and then prepared for shipment. This is a straightforward process, but there are many factors that can slow the packing operation down. Warehouses that pick and pack orders need to do so quickly, as customers expect to receive the goods they have ordered as fast as possible. Fortunately, there are ways to speed (more…)

How to create more space in a warehouse

When a warehouse is running out of space, the obvious solution is to extend the warehouse or move to a larger one. This is not always practical, but fortunately, there are several strategies available that can maximise existing (more…)

EU-OSHA publishes safety report on exoskeletons

The European Agency for Safety and Health (EU-OSHA) has published a report on exoskeletons that provides guidance for warehouse equipment designers on making their devices (more…)

Market for material handling equipment forecast to rise

A new report examining the global material handling market has predicted that sales of warehouse handling equipment will rise significantly, to be worth (more…)

How a warehouse racks supplier can overcome rack failures

As warehouse racks supplier that fabricates strong racks made from tubular steel, we strive to provide trouble-free use for a long time. Misuse and (more…)

Increased sales predicted for every warehouse racks manufacturer

A new report has forecast that worldwide demand for warehouse racks will increase over (more…)

The intelligent design of furniture trolleys

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from small dining chairs to large king-size beds. Since there is no one furniture trolley suitable for all types of (more…)

The three steps to selecting sturdy packing benches

Online retailers, delivery companies and others know how important sturdy packing benches are. Orders need packing and addressing quickly, and this requires (more…)

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