Why you should choose an A frame trolley

The A frame trolley is the ideal solution for safely storing glass panes. Static A frames are suitable for storing glass, but can also be moved using forklifts. Mobile A frames have strong swivel casters to easily move and steer them, and are (more…)

Furniture store gives bonuses thanks to booming sales

Online furniture store Made is giving staff bonuses worth over £10,000 thanks to high volumes of sales during (more…)

How to make inventory management more sustainable

Consumers are demanding more sustainable products and want to do business with companies that have environmental policies in place. A business may sell sustainable products, but bad inventory management is not sustainable. Here are our tips to (more…)

Why not to use robot order pickers

Many warehouse owners are looking at the feasibility of using robots to replace order pickers. The main reason for considering robots is the promise that they are more efficient at order picking and save wage costs. However, there is a case against the use of robots, and here are (more…)

11 ways to better utilise warehouse space

It is estimated that when the capacity of a warehouse reaches between 80% to 85%, efficiency can drop from a storage and movement perspective. Well before reaching near-full capacity, the utilisation of space needs to (more…)

New warehouse equipment eliminates rack damage

Lipari Foods, a USA wholesale distributor, enlisted the help of a warehouse equipment manufacturer to design a new racking system that has reduced its (more…)

Decarbonising steel poses massive challenge

The government’s Climate Change Committee (CCC) has set a target of net zero UK carbon emissions by 2050. It has published details on how this can be achieved, which includes targets for (more…)

British Steel recruits as production increases

Steelmaking has continued during the coronavirus pandemic and production has increased in 2020. As a result, British Steel is now recruiting employees for its Scunthorpe, Teesside and Skinningrove plants, as well as positions for (more…)

Why use a British manufacturer of warehouse equipment?

Steely Products is a Manchester-based manufacturer of material handling and storage equipment for warehouses, retailers and manufacturers. All our equipment is made inhouse without outsourcing to other companies. There are many benefits of using a Britain-based manufacturer for your warehouse equipment, and we have (more…)

Speed up packing times with quality packing benches

If a business has a high volume of orders that need dispatching every day, it is important that this process is fast and (more…)

What to look for in garment rails

There are several qualities that a premium-quality garment rail should possess. It needs to be designed well for the type of clothes that are hung on it, and it must be durable. In the following sections, we will examine some of the qualities you should look for in (more…)

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