Why are casters used on warehouse trolleys?

Steely Products manufactures trolleys that use premium quality swivel casters to make them easy to pull, push and steer. A trolley carrying heavy loads needs strong casters that (more…)

Why we like talking to end users

At Steely Products, we believe in talking to the end users of our materials handling and storage equipment. There are many reasons why it is important to (more…)

How to choose the best packing bench

Packing stations are areas where workers pack products ready for shipping. A key component of any such station is the packing table, as an (more…)

Five order picking methods – which is best?

Order picking is one of the most important jobs in the warehouse. If fast and accurate, it keeps customers satisfied.

Order picking is the (more…)

Investment in UK warehouses at record high

According to a recent report by the Financial Times, the amount of money invested into the UK logistics sector rose to a record high in (more…)

The smart way to manage garment inventory

Creating the best garment inventory management system is a challenge, as it requires keeping one step ahead of customer demand. Not only do you (more…)

Six common mistakes when designing a warehouse

Designing a warehouse, and ordering the best equipment to use in it, is a challenging task. There are at least six common mistakes you need to avoid when doing it. (more…)

Virtual reality tech could transform warehouses

Many people associate virtual reality (VR) gadgets with video games, but in the future, they may play a role in (more…)

New technologies make warehouses safer

Keeping a warehouse productive, efficient and safe can be a challenge. However, warehouse owners are now using new technologies to increase (more…)

Five ways to increase warehouse workers’ productivity

Up to 50% of the cost of processing an order in the warehouse is staff costs. Improving employee efficiency and productivity saves money. There are many ways to improve staff productivity, and we’ve listed some (more…)

Amazon calls for warehouse employees to be essential workers

Amazon has sent a letter to the US government to request its workers are given essential worker status, which would make them a priority to receive the (more…)

What is collaborative design?

At Steely Products, we believe that great design is a collaborative process between the end-user and our design engineers. This process produces warehouse storage and handling equipment that works well and is (more…)

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