Benefits of buying equipment direct from a manufacturer

Material handling and storage equipment is available from a number of suppliers. There are several advantages, however, of buying direct from (more…)

Seven ways warehouse organisation improves productivity

A warehouse can be seen as the foundation of a business, and a disorganised warehouse can negatively affect a company. Here are a few simple steps to improve warehouse organisation and (more…)

What does it take to become a skilled metalworker?

To make premium-quality material handling and storage equipment from tubular steel, we at Steely Products employ a workforce of skilled metalworkers. Unlike many manufacturing processes, we don’t have large production lines with robots fabricating equipment. Tubular steel is cut, shaped and (more…)

Covid-19 causes rethink of warehouse storage systems

During the Covid-19 pandemic, warehouses have been forced to adapt to facilitate social distancing and increased orders, which has led to warehouse managers rethinking (more…)

Warehouse demand in Europe surges

Large investors are buying warehouse space in Europe as online commerce grows because of (more…)

Marks & Spencer to stock Joules and Phase Eight clothing

The Times newspaper has reported that Marks & Spencer has made deals with some of Britain’s leading fashion brands, including Phase Eight, Joules, (more…)

Wireless technology makes tubular steel manufacturing safer

Safety systems by Power Fleet are being used by the USA based Nucor Tubular Products (NTP) to make the manufacturing and handling of (more…)

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