A guide to the safe use of warehouse trolleys

Here at Steely Products, we make well-designed and durable trolleys, and ensure they are safe to use, but that’s not to say there aren’t risks when working with (more…)

Joules unaffected by high street fashion woes

Many high street fashion retailers are struggling, and some, including the Arcadia Group and Jaeger, have gone into administration. Joules, however, has performed well during the (more…)

Seven considerations when relocating to a new warehouse

For several companies, the growth in online sales during the pandemic has meant relocating their warehouse to larger premises to store more (more…)

Why quality warehouse equipment matters

Warehouse owners often purchase cheap equipment to save money, but is this a good idea? Here are some reasons why it may be a false economy. (more…)

Australian green steel forecast to be made in 2023

Andrew Forrest, head of Fortescue Metals, says that his company plans to start making green steel in Australia by 2023 (more…)

Businesses rise to Brexit logistics challenges

Brexit has impacted every stage of the logistics process, and research has found that half of British business decisionmakers say that Brexit has negatively affected their supply chains. However, businesses are changing to meet the challenges presented by (more…)

Environmental technology creates more warehouse space

The COVID-19 lockdown has meant that more people are ordering online. This has caused many warehouses to run out of space to stock inventory and process orders. Environmental technology can create extra space, while helping the warehouse to be more (more…)

Why Steely Products customers value our flexibility

Steely Products has a reputation for being a flexible company. We can change designs to suit the end user better, alter the delivery date or location, change the colour of equipment or the quantity ordered, all without (more…)

How warehouses are adapting for workers with disabilities

With a few adjustments, it’s possible for people with disabilities to work in the warehouse and (more…)

What tables do Steely Products make?

In the home, a table consists of a flat top and supporting legs. In an industrial setting, however, a table is much more than a flat top and four legs. Here at Steely Products, our tables are designed from welded and powder-coated tubular steel, which makes our tables suitable to (more…)

Joules expands non-fashion range

Clothing retailer Joules has increased its non-fashion range by acquiring (more…)

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