Eight steps for designing a warehouse for online sales

During the pandemic, it has been online sales that have allowed many retailers to survive while their shops have been closed. Even with the easing of restrictions, ordering online will continue to (more…)

What’s the design process for new equipment?

Since 1970, Steely Products has been designing and making quality material handling and storage equipment. During that time, we’ve never been complacent about our designs, and we’re constantly refining and improving our (more…)

World’s most northerly whisky aging warehouse built

Aurora Spirit has constructed the world’s most northerly whisky ageing warehouse, which is located north of (more…)

Why investing in quality equipment matters

If you’re looking for material handling or storage equipment, you should aim to purchase items that are strong, reliable and well-designed for the job they’re made for. At Steely Products, we’re proud of producing quality material handling and storage equipment that benefits our customers. Here’s why we believe creating and investing in quality equipment is (more…)

Three challenges facing fashion retailers

The last few years have seen fashion retailers facing many challenges. Some, like Debenhams and the Arcadia Group, have disappeared from the high street, while others are struggling to survive. Restricted trading conditions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic have been a major challenge, but restrictions are now (more…)

A brief history of the sofa

The sofa may be given different names – settees, davenports, chesterfields or couches, but they all define a seat designed for more than one person. The name “sofa” likely comes from the ancient Arabic word “suffah”, which means “long bench”. In the following sections, we’ll explore the (more…)

Ecommerce creates high demand for micro-fulfilment centres

During the coronavirus lockdowns, there has been a rapid increase in online sales, and this has led to the need for micro-fulfilment centres and a solution to the problem of (more…)

Eight tips for safely handling and lifting heavy items

When manually handling heavy items, there are numerous health and safety risks involved. By following the eight tips below, these risks can (more…)

Warehouse demand to grow as home working continues

New research has found that home working will continue to be a feature of working life after the coronavirus pandemic is over. As more of life’s activities take place in the home, online shopping will continue to grow, and this will drive (more…)

Seven “don’ts” when handing glass

You don’t need us to tell you that glass is fragile and breaks easily, yet glass-related accidents and injuries in the workplace remain common – usually because of (more…)

How to choose the best warehouse equipment

Choosing the best warehouse equipment for processing orders is not easy. At Steely Products, we supply a large range of storage and material handling equipment. To (more…)

Robot invented just to move boxes

A new robot by Boston Dynamics, a USA based robotic maker, has been designed to do one warehouse task only (more…)

The challenge of storing and moving garments

It’s easy to think that since clothes are not “breakable” in the same way as certain other goods, it’s not important to store and handle them with care. However, they can (more…)

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