Joules arranges Barclays loan linked to environmental targets

Clothing retailer Joules has agreed on a new finance loan from Barclays Bank, whose low interest rate is linked to sustainability and low carbon emissions. As long as Joules meets carbon emission targets and uses materials that are more sustainable, the interest rate on the loan will (more…)

What is the design process for warehouse equipment?

Steely Products designs and produces quality warehouse equipment. We also work with companies on bespoke designs that are specific to their operations. The design process doesn’t follow rigid rules, and it can vary for each client, but there are several principles that (more…)

What does it take to be a skilled metal fabricator?

When Steely Products was formed in 1970, it was a pioneer in using tubular steel to make lightweight and durable trolleys. We still use tubular steel to make quality material handling and storage equipment today, and we rely on our team of metal fabricators to make sure that every piece of equipment is well constructed, strong and reliable. It takes skill and attention to (more…)

The importance of ergonomics in the warehouse

In the warehouse, ergonomics is about the relationship workers have with their environment and the equipment they use. In the following sections, we’ll explore the important of ergonomics and the factors that need to be (more…)

Furniture retailers experience business growth

The coronavirus lockdown has negatively affected many industries, including the hospitality and entertainment sectors, but some furniture retailers are amongst the many so-called “winners” that have experienced (more…)

How to transition from a B2B to B2C warehouse

Due to the rise of eCommerce, many warehouse owners are making the transition from a business-to-business (B2B) to a business-to-consumer (B2C) operation. The challenge they face is how to (more…)

UK warehouse deals double in 2021 first quarter

Property sales and leasing company CBRE has announced that 16 million square feet of warehouse space was under offer in the first quarter of 2021, which is double that of the end of 2020. High demand has been fuelled partly by the increase in online shopping, which is forecast to (more…)

AI used as alternative to warehouse robots

Many warehouses are considering purchasing robots for order picking, but artificial intelligence (AI) software has been named a better (more…)

Sales of clothing resilient in small towns

Shops selling non-essential goods have now reopened, and according to a report by Drapers, many people don’t feel safe shopping in major cities, preferring more (more…)

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