What are the seven Rs of logistics?

The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport UK defines the seven Rs of (more…)

How to improve warehouse packing efficiency

Warehouse operators are always looking to improve productivity to better serve their customers. Fast, efficient order processing leads to (more…)

How to make a warehouse more green

Scientists say that high carbon emissions pollute the atmosphere and are likely the cause of climate change. Encouraged by the government, most businesses are doing their bit to reduce carbon emissions by (more…)

Online retailers strive for frictionless warehouses

The goal of online retailers is to have a frictionless warehouse, where there is a smooth operational flow from the initial order to delivery to the customer, without (more…)

What data do you need to improve a distribution centre’s operations?

Many distribution centres collect a huge amount of data from their warehouse management systems, which can be overwhelming. Many people often wonder which data you should use to measure success, and how you find the (more…)

Seven ways to improve ecommerce warehouse efficiency

When orders are dispatched on time and are accurate, customers are happy and more likely to place further orders. An efficient warehouse is more productive and reduces costs. If a warehouse is not efficient, there are many improvements that can be made to easily improve how the warehouse works. Here are (more…)

Crew Clothing among fastest-growing UK fashion retailers

New research has named Crew Clothing as one of the top five fastest-growing fashion (more…)

Amazon works on safer warehouse robots

E-retail giant Amazon has announced that it is developing technology to make its robots safer, as part of its pledge to reduce reportable safety incidents by 50% by 2025. (more…)

Logistics companies struggle to keep up with warehouse demand

The boom in online sales, partly fuelled by the pandemic, has caused a large increase in demand for (more…)

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