The benefits of bespoke picking trolleys

At Steely Products, we understand that our end users operate in a wide number of markets and need to move and store a wide variety of products. Due to this, sometimes, an off-the-shelf picking trolley is not always up to (more…)

Blockchain technology traces tubular steel records

Blockchain technology has been recommended to store records of equipment (more…)

Google Supply Chain Twin improves logistics

Many supply chains have been disrupted over the last year. Google has developed a new cloud tool, Supply Chain Twin, to help improve supply chain logistics. (more…)

Sustainable warehousing helps make online sales greener

There has been a large increase in online sales, and that has caused a high demand for new warehouses. Consumers are demanding that environmental concerns should be addressed by online retailers, and this includes making the construction and operations of warehouses more (more…)

Ecommerce growth creates demand for ‘super sheds’

The pandemic and closure of many high street shops have fuelled a high demand for large (more…)

Seven common warehouse mistakes

A well-organised warehouse is more productive and saves costs. Many warehouses make mistakes that make them inefficient. Fortunately, most mistakes can be easily rectified. Here are seven common mistakes that (more…)

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