Material handling top priority for logistics optimisation

The growth of online sales has put pressure on warehouses to process orders quicker and more efficiently, and an expert has stated that material handling should be a priority for (more…)

Report encourages making best use of warehouse space

A report published this month by Colliers has highlighted that Britain is running out of warehouse space. If extra warehouse capacity cannot be found, it is vital for (more…)

Steel industry discusses sustainability

At a conference at the end of 2021, members of the steel industry and researchers met to discuss the (more…)

Warehouses deal with record number of returns

It is estimated that the number of online orders returned to warehouses after Christmas 2021 will be worth a record (more…)

Warehouse storage racks – key to an efficient warehouse

At Steely Products, we make a variety of warehouse storage racks that adapt to all warehouse management systems to make them more efficient. Whether you (more…)

Joules’ revenue increases by 35%

Fashion and homeware retailer Joules has reported that its revenue in the first half of 2021 was £128 million – an increase of (more…)

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