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2024 warehouse trends

Warehouse logistics expert Andre Luecht has published his predictions for the top warehouse trends for 2024.

His foremost prediction is that e-commerce will act as a primary catalyst for the ongoing development of advanced warehouse systems. There was a surge in general online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, and while the growth of e-commerce has slowed down since the end of the pandemic, it is still increasing. Warehouses are turning to their warehouse equipment manufacturer for more sophisticated tools that can help them keep up with escalating sales volumes while fulfilling customer orders quickly and accurately.

There will be a high demand in 2024 for additional warehousing facilities and more extensive shelf space to manage the growth in orders effectively. Warehouses will be reorganising to optimize storage space

Automation is expected to play an even more pivotal role in optimizing order fulfilment processes across warehouses worldwide. Despite some labour shortages within certain areas of the industry, it is expected that human workers will remain indispensable but with higher-value skillsets geared towards managing complex automated systems. Human workers assisted by automated systems should be able to process orders more quickly without sacrificing accuracy. Artificial intelligence tools and augmented reality will play an increasing role in the warehouse.

Andre Luechct forecasts that automation will mean that more front-line workers will move to roles that focus on customer service, quality assurance and cost savings. Warehouses will prioritise customer service by improving order accuracy, the returns process and order delivery systems.

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