A guide to choosing furniture trolleys

Furniture manufacturers and suppliers need to use furniture trolleys to store and move goods around the workplace. Flat trolleys are ideal for carrying boxes, but furniture comes in odd shapes and sizes. Chairs, beds and sofas cannot simply be piled onto a flat trolley, so a specialist version is needed.

Cushions and seats

Cushions come in all shapes and sizes. A pile of large cushions can easily topple over when moved. The seating area of dining and kitchen chairs are often slightly curved which makes them difficult to store efficiently. These seats are usually wider at the front than the back. A simple solution to storing them is two parallel tubular steel lengths fixed to the vertical supports of the trolley. The seats can simply be inserted between the tubular steel length and will not fall through because of their shape.

Sack trolleys

Items that fit into a rectangular box can be moved easily using a sack trolley. Trolleys with a triangular profile are best. They can be made in various sizes to suit their loads.


Couches are large and awkwardly shaped, so are a challenge to furniture trolley manufacturers. The best furniture trolleys can carry two sofas at a time. Supports carry a bottom sofa and another one perched above without touching the bottom one.

Mattresses and beds

Mattresses are best stored and moved by placing them vertically. Specialist mattress trolleys have high sides and can hold around ten mattresses.

Mattresses that can be rolled up need storing on special trolleys that can hold up top five layers of mattresses. Special bed trolleys have a tall inclined side along their length to safely support one or two beds.

Stacking chairs

Stacking chairs can easily be transported using a narrow flat trolley with high sides.


Tabletops trolleys are like bed trolleys, but smaller. They have an inclined side, but the tabletop can overhang on either side.


Small headboard trolleys also have an inclined side to safely transport headboards around the storage area.

Small to medium items

Small furniture items can be moved on a flat furniture trolley. Ones with a side and back frame cope with a variety of furniture. Small side tables can be freely placed on the flat surface, and larger items such as coffee tables can be leant against one side.

Bespoke furniture trolleys

Sometimes a furniture trolley manufacturer’s standard trolleys are not exactly what you need. In this case, custom-made furniture trolleys can be designed. You may just need a standard trolley, but smaller or larger. Sometimes you require trolleys designed especially for your furniture items.

The best way to design bespoke furniture trolleys is to invite the manufacturer’s designer to see your workplace and the type of furniture you stock. The designer can then create a trolley unique to your requirements.

Most furniture trolley manufacturers make equipment from tubular steel in small batches and will not charge high prices for fabricating your own special furniture trolleys.

With the right types of furniture trolleys, furniture can be stored and moved efficiently and safely.

Posted by Mark
30th November 2018
Retail & Warehousing

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