A guide to designing your own picking trolley

A picking and packing trolley is simple technology. It has wheels to easily move it, and a platform or shelves to carry items. There are wide variations in trolley options available so that thousands of different picking trolleys can be designed.

Some trolley manufacturers create bespoke trolleys for their clients. Before consulting one of their expert designers, it helps to be aware of what options are available for designing picking and packing trolleys.


Trolleys can be made from steel, aluminium or plastic. Tubular steel is best as it is lightweight and strong. If you want your trolley to last a long time under heavy use, avoid plastic.

Shelves can be steel too, but strong wooden shelves are suitable for most trolleys.


Tubular steel needs to be finished with a coating that protects it from corrosion and scratches. Powder-coated paint is effective for this. Most industrial users are not bothered about the colour of the finish and are happy with the standard blue shade. Tubular steel can be any colour, so if the colour is important, the steel can be coated with the your colour choice.


A trolley manufacturer will have trolleys in standard sizes, but bespoke trolleys can be manufactured to any size. There are limitations to consider though; a very wide trolley will not pass through doorways or may be too wide for pickling aisles, while a very long trolley may be difficult to steer.


Trolley wheels take a lot of punishment so should be of high quality. The best type of wheels are swivel casters that enable the trolley to be easily steered. Four casters are usually sufficient.

Cheap casters are not recommended as they may not be strong enough for heavy loads, and a broken caster makes the trolley unusable.

Branded trolleys

Most warehouses and packing areas do not need the company brand prominently displayed. However, if your trolleys are seen by customers or members of the public, a brand logo and slogan printed on the trolley is a good idea.


A basic picking trolley has a top and bottom shelf, but more shelves can be added according to the size of the items picked.

Added storage equipment

For workplaces that have many smaller items, or ones that could easily roll off a trolley shelf, there are a number of storage equipment options available. Tote bags, boxes, and baskets can be used with picking trolleys., These can be removable or fixed to the trolley.

Document holder

Most picking and packing operations use printed packing and dispatch lists. These are often carried by hand using clipboards. A trolley with a clipboard attached frees up both hands of the picking operator.


In some warehouses, it is difficult to pick items off high shelves. A worker has to lift steps or a ladder to the location. Steps can be added to the design of the trolley so that they are always available for picking high items.

The simple picking trolley is a very versatile item of equipment that can be designed to perfectly match the requirements of the user.

Posted by Mark
31st October 2018

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