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AI adds safety awareness to warehouse security cameras

Most warehouses have security cameras, but unless they are actively monitored, not all video footage is seen, and safety breaches are not spotted. Voxel, a US security technology company, has developed artificial intelligence (AI) technology that connects to existing security cameras. It claims that its system can spot situations that could lead to injuries.

The Voxel system can spot when workers are not wearing appropriate safety clothing, such as high-visibility jackets, hard hats and gloves. It also monitors the movement of vehicles in the warehouse, including forklifts and warehouse trolleys. The system analyses how vehicles are driven, including whether they are going too fast and whether operators are stopping at junctions or not.

Injuries occur from poor manual handling processes. Poorly lifting items when moving them from shelves to aisle picking trolleys and then to packing stations can cause musculoskeletal injuries. The Voxel system spots unsafe lifting practices.

Common causes of falls and trips that the system detects are liquid spills, blocked aisles and vehicles parked in the wrong areas

The Voxel system has been beta-evaluated by several companies, and some of which have reduced their injury rates to zero. Due to the small sample number, this reduction is not statistically sound. Voxel is looking to expand its customer base to collect data that confirms its system is effective in reducing warehouse injuries.

Compensation payments for injuries can be high. Voxel aims to reduce these costs and hopes that insurance companies will decrease employee liability premiums for companies that use its AI system.

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