AI technology improves manual handling safety

Typically, after a new employee has completed a manual handling course, they are on their own until the next scheduled training, but new technology could change this.

For most of their working time, employees are expected to monitor their own adherence to health and safety guidelines. Artificial intelligence (AI) and wearable technology can change this situation by automatically monitoring safety and warning workers if their posture is poor or they are not lifting and moving goods safely.

A warehouse equipment manufacturer designs trolleys and other manual handling equipment to be safe to use, but workers operating equipment also need to be taught to operate equipment safely. In a busy workplace, it’s not easy for workers to always pay attention to how well they are complying with safety measures. Analytics is an AI-driven safety product developer that has developed systems that both train workers and provide feedback on how well they are complying with safety procedures. Analytics claims that its Soter system reduces injuries by 55%.

Soter is a small, wearable device that is clipped onto headwear or a shirt collar. It provides feedback when a worker is in an unsafe posture. SoterTask is a vision technology used for risk assessments. It records videos of any task. AI video processing technology analyses the videos to identify high-risk tasks where safety can be improved.

Organisations where staff use Soter technology say that workers feel more in control of their own safety. Workers who take ownership of their individual safety obligations are more efficient and productive.

Posted by Katrina
16th May 2022
Health & Safety

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