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All you need to know about furniture trolleys

Without specialised equipment, furniture is difficult and unsafe to move. Sofas weigh a lot and are awkwardly shaped, mattresses are heavy and non-rigid, and many types of chairs are not stackable. Standard trolleys can be used, but they limit how many items of furniture can be carried at once. There are furniture trolleys available that make the job of transporting furniture easier, however – read on to learn about the different types.

Sofa trolleys

Sofas and large chairs are heavy and tricky to store and move, Steely Products’ sofa furniture trolleys carry up to two sofas at a time, or we have trolleys for sofas and two easy chairs. Two staff members can easily lift sofas onto these trolleys and safely move them. Swivel casters make them easy to steer.

Mattress trolleys

Mattress trolleys are for single or double mattresses. They have sloping sides to support one or more mattresses. Like all Steely trolleys, these are easy to steer and move.

Sack trolleys

Sack trolleys are ideal for carrying furniture that is packed in large boxes. A sack trolley is inclined to make it easy to load a box onto it. These trolleys can easily be operated by one person.

Small items

Furniture manufacturers and retailers don’t only sell large items of furniture, such as beds and sofas. Smaller items like occasion tables and table lamps can easily be carried by one person, but this is inefficient. Steely makes trolleys that carry many small items together. A flatbed trolley with sides enables small boxed items to be stacked high without the risk of them falling.

Bespoke furniture trolleys

Steely Products has worked closely with the furniture industry to develop high-quality trolleys for carrying all types of furniture. Sometimes, our end-users have new lines of furniture that are not suitable for our standard range of products. We’re happy to design bespoke furniture trolleys for our clients. We closely examine the furniture items that need to be transported, and then, in consultation with the end-user, we come up with a bespoke design. A prototype is made ready for testing, and once we and the end-user are satisfied that the new design works well, we manufacture the specified quantity of the new trolleys.

What to expect from Steely Products’ furniture trolleys

The philosophy of Steely is to design trolleys that work well and last a long time. A furniture trolley needs to be reliable, especially when carrying heavy items. The tubular steel used in our furniture trolleys is strong and lightweight. Tubular steel lengths are joined by strong welds that will not break apart under heavy daily use.

All manufacturing processes are done at our Manchester workshop under strict quality control conditions, Steely has a reputation for manufacturing premium-quality trolleys. Every item we manufacture supports our reputation.

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