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An A-frame manufacturer can help you store glass and windows safely

Window manufacturers need safe ways of storing windows and sheets of glass. In these cases, an A-frame is the solution.

Window companies such as Anglia Home, Everest, and Velux work with glass – a highly fragile and potentially dangerous material, and need to safely store and move glass sheets around their factories. A-frame manufacturers have developed a range of A-frames suitable for this task.

What is an A-frame?

A basic A-frame consists of two pieces attached together to resemble the letter A and mounted on a flat platform-like structure. An A-frame can be constructed from solid pieces, or for a lighter structure that is still strong, tubular steel lengths are welded together to form the A-shape and the base.

A-frames can be static with feet, or mobile when mounted on casters, and are ideal for storing, windows, glass and large sheets. They often have wood slats to help prevent scratching. For very fragile sheets, A-frames can be covered with a carpet-like material to provide extra protection.

A-frame safety

Businesses that use large glass sheets are very careful about safety issues. An A-frame manufacturer makes sure that frames pass all risk assessment procedures. There are several ways that companies can lessen the risk of injury from glass.

The work area has to be kept tidy. When moving glass on A-frame trolleys, there should be no objects that present a collision risk. Trolleys need well-maintained brakes and these should be tested every day before moving glass.

A-frame trolleys are designed for use on flat surfaces and should not be operated on slopes where there is a danger of the trolley breaking free from the operator.

Sheets for an A-frame should only be taken from the start of a stack, not in the middle. If a middle sheet is required, sheets in front of them should be moved to another trolley first.

Handling glass should be done wearing protective gloves that are cut resistant and prevent the hand from slipping on the smooth surface. Steel-toed shoes and eyewear that protect the eyes from glass splinters should be worn.

A-frames need to be regularly inspected. An A-frame manufacturer uses strong steel welded together, so the frame will be reliable and faults are rare, but not unknown, which is why regular inspections and maintenance are required.

Handling and storing glass using A-frames is very safe provided a few simple steps are taken.

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