Are multistorey warehouses the storage space solution?

There is a lack of available warehouse space in the UK, and this has led some experts to believe that multistory warehouses could be the way forward.

The Colliers International Industrial & Logistics Barometer for the third quarter of 2018 reports that there are only 45 days of supply left in the UK’s big warehouses. The growth of online sales has raised the demand for warehouse space, but there is currently not enough space available to store goods.

Most large warehouses are single-storey buildings, so many experts have pointed out an obvious solution – construct multistorey warehouses.

Los Angeles real estate company CBRE has said that in the US, there is a trend to build more multistorey warehouses. In the Asian cities of Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo and Jakarta, where land is scarce and expensive, many high warehouses are being built with goods stored on several floors.

Kate Lipton, writing on the website of Bis Henderson that sources warehouse space, says that the trend for multistorey warehouses has come to the UK. A warehouse is due to open in Silvertown, East London in 2019 that has 426,000 sq. ft of space on three levels. It is expected to be occupied by multiple tenants to provide very quick delivery of online goods to London residents.

The expansion of warehouse space in the UK is good news for heavy duty trolley manufactures, as it is likely to mean increased calls for manual handling equipment to move goods around the new multistorey warehouses.

Posted by Katrina
15th October 2018
Retail & Warehousing

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