Improve your warehouse storage using efficient work accessories

Being able to run a storage warehouse efficiently is dependent on having the right accessories for your everyday working needs. These will range from rails and trolleys for hanging and transporting items to benches and stations to (more…)

Joules announces clothing take-back scheme

Clothing retailer Joules has announced the launch of the ‘Joules ReWear’ scheme to take back clothing purchased from (more…)

Storage and display with quality clothing and garment rails

Clothes must be stored and displayed in ways that avoid creasing or more serious damage such as rips or staining. The best way to do that is to hang them on rails that have been specifically manufactured to prevent that. For that reason, industry warehouses and shops must (more…)

Repurposed buildings could be solution to warehouse shortages

The UK has a warehouse shortage. Repurposing existing building space could provide the extra storage capacity businesses need. (more…)

Is warehouse automation cost-effective?

Automation may appear to be the solution to warehouse staff shortages and the escalating cost of running a warehouse, but a recent report has looked into whether this (more…)

More new Crew Clothing shops planned this year

The chief executive of Crew Clothing, David Butler, has announced that the clothing retailer is planning to (more…)

Will sanctions affect the supply of warehouse equipment?

The UK government has announced a number of import bans from Russia as part of the economic sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine. Will this impact the supply of (more…)

Safety training expert wants more manual handling risk assessments

According to Matt Powell-Howard, Head of Product Development at the health and safety trainer NEBOSH, many manual handling injuries could be prevented through better (more…)

Crew Clothing to open over 20 new stores

Crew Clothing has announced that it plans to open 20 new stores. (more…)

Report encourages making best use of warehouse space

A report published this month by Colliers has highlighted that Britain is running out of warehouse space. If extra warehouse capacity cannot be found, it is vital for (more…)

Warehouse storage racks – key to an efficient warehouse

At Steely Products, we make a variety of warehouse storage racks that adapt to all warehouse management systems to make them more efficient. Whether you (more…)

The history of the box trolley

Box trolleys rely on technology from hundreds of years ago, which still has a place in the modern warehouse. Read on for a brief history of (more…)

Worker safety top priority of warehouse automation

More warehouses are adapting automated systems to improve productivity and efficiency. In a report for, the most important consideration when introducing automated systems is (more…)

What to expect from a warehouse storage racks manufacturer

There are many warehouse storage rack manufacturers in the UK. There are a number of qualities you should expect from a good (more…)

Is there an alternative to welding metal?

Welding is a process to attach one piece of metal to another. Welding is not easy, requiring a high degree of skill. There are alternative methods of joining metal together, some of which are easier. Why doesn’t Steely Products use non-welding methods, especially as some of these methods are cheaper and quicker? To explain why, let’s examine each (more…)

Joules founder opens new headquarters

The founder of Joules recently opened the retailer’s new headquarters in Market Harborough, and he said that it symbolised the company’s history, as well as (more…)

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