AI technology improves manual handling safety

Typically, after a new employee has completed a manual handling course, they are on their own until the next scheduled training, but new technology could (more…)

High-grade packing tables for preparing orders

Getting orders ready for delivery is part of working life in the warehouses where items are stored. This will typically involve everything from the actual packaging of the goods to adding any labels needed, and completing admin processes to (more…)

Steel manufacturer uses bacteria to recycle emissions

Tata Steel UK is using microscopic bacteria to convert emissions from its blast furnaces into materials that are (more…)

Mattress display racks – reliable and durable

Mattress display racks are vital to the smooth running both of the warehouses where these items are stored, and the furniture outlets where they are sold. Ideally, they (more…)

Report says warehouses need to be more efficient

According to a recent report that spoke to a manual handling expert, to cope with the increase in online orders, warehouse and logistics businesses need to (more…)

Why is warehouse ventilation important?

Both the condition of inventory and the health of warehouse workers are affected by ventilation systems. The pandemic highlighted the key role good ventilation has in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As anti-virus measures are eased, good ventilation systems in the (more…)

Steel industry discusses sustainability

At a conference at the end of 2021, members of the steel industry and researchers met to discuss the (more…)

Joules’ revenue increases by 35%

Fashion and homeware retailer Joules has reported that its revenue in the first half of 2021 was £128 million – an increase of (more…)

Ecommerce boom creates demand for warehouses

Warehouse deals for space equivalent to 93 Wembley stadiums are expected to be (more…)

Rugbytots forms partnership with Crew Clothing

The fashion retailer Crew Clothing has announced a partnership with Rugbytots, an organisation that provides safe spaces for children from the age of (more…)

Warehouses need to prepare for sales surges

Sales surges, such as Black Friday and Christmas, make it difficult for warehouses to keep up with processing a large number of orders, and warehouses are (more…)

Guide to warehouse trolley options

When choosing a trolley for the warehouse, there are several factors to consider: the type, size and weight of items, and the type of operation that the trolley is needed for. Most warehouses need more than one type of trolley design. Below is a guide to the various different (more…)

Joules uses new system to streamline product development

Premium lifestyle company Joules has recently started using a new Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system from Centric Software to make profit development and (more…)

How to move furniture in the workplace

Any business that manufactures or sells furniture needs equipment to move it. Furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds and tables all have different shapes, sizes and weights. Furniture trolleys are used to move furniture around the workplace, but there is no one universal trolley suitable (more…)

Net-zero warehouse opens in Port of Tyne

A warehouse located at the Port of Tyne is now operating entirely on clean, zero-carbon energy generated from (more…)

Blockchain technology traces tubular steel records

Blockchain technology has been recommended to store records of equipment (more…)

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