UK’s first beyond net-zero warehouse completed

Warehouse developer Prologis has constructed the UK’s first warehouse that is beyond net-zero carbon emissions. This is achieved by energy-generating technology that produces more (more…)

Five common mistakes by warehouse management

There are five common mistakes that warehouse managers make that reduce warehouse efficiency. James Burman, in a report for SHD Logistics, said that knowing about these mistakes can improve the smooth running of (more…)

Delivering the best steel sofa display racks on the market

High-quality display racks for sofas are needed both in the storage and the retail parts of the furniture trade. Those who supply furniture to high street shops around the country need to be able to store all of the sofas they (more…)

Joules’ marketplace aids expansion

One way for a retailer to expand is through marketplaces, where third-party companies sell products. Joules is an example of a fashion retailer that has successfully launched its (more…)

Everything you need to know about clothing rails

The clothing rails used in storage facilities and shopping outlets need to be made with the durable materials and craftsmanship that will let them (more…)

Survey finds warehouses plan to spend on automation and labour

The annual “Warehouse and Distribution Centre Equipment Survey” has revealed that warehouses intend to spend more on automation, but will also increase their (more…)

Warehouse drone and autonomous vehicle usage increases

Logistics experts have said that warehouses drones and autonomous vehicles (AV) are making inroads in (more…)

Material handling top priority for logistics optimisation

The growth of online sales has put pressure on warehouses to process orders quicker and more efficiently, and an expert has stated that material handling should be a priority for (more…)

Warehouses deal with record number of returns

It is estimated that the number of online orders returned to warehouses after Christmas 2021 will be worth a record (more…)

All you need to know about furniture trolleys

Without specialised equipment, furniture is difficult and unsafe to move. Sofas weigh a lot and are awkwardly shaped, mattresses are heavy and non-rigid, and many types of chairs are not stackable. Standard trolleys can be used, but they limit how many items of furniture can be carried at once. There are furniture trolleys available that make the (more…)

Case made for choosing human pickers over robots

Gabe Grifoni of Rufus Labs has made the case for humans being better than (more…)

What is sustainable inventory management?

Sustainable inventory management aims to reduce the social and environmental impact of a company without (more…)

Growth of e-commerce may inhibit zero-carbon targets

A leading economist has looked at the effect that the growth of e-commerce could have on the (more…)

Call to make fulfilment jobs more attractive

According to Dave Morris, a director of labour management software developer Vitesse, fulfilment centre and logistic jobs need (more…)

Warehouse space to reach record levels by end of 2021

Property company Knight Frank has announced that the total warehouse space taken up in the third quarter of (more…)

The benefits of bespoke picking trolleys

At Steely Products, we understand that our end users operate in a wide number of markets and need to move and store a wide variety of products. Due to this, sometimes, an off-the-shelf picking trolley is not always up to (more…)

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