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Benefits of buying equipment direct from a manufacturer

Material handling and storage equipment is available from a number of suppliers. There are several advantages, however, of buying direct from the manufacturer.

The experts

Many manufacturers sell their equipment to a wholesaler that supplies the end user. Wholesalers and distributors sell a wide range of products, which means they may not be experts in material handling and storage equipment. They could have a reasonable level of product knowledge, but the manufacturer is the top expert on what it makes.

A manufacturer that controls the whole manufacturing process in-house without outsourcing any stage knows every detail of its products and how they are produced.

Wide range

A wholesaler will often only stock a selection of a manufacturer’s products, and not the full range. If you want a wide choice of equipment, deal with the manufacturer directly.


A warehouse or distributor needs to make a profit by selling equipment at a higher price than they have paid for it. Manufacturers that deal directly with end users can afford to offer better prices as there is no middleman. The manufacturer may also offer discounts for bulk orders.

Custom designs

If equipment is needed that is different from the standard size, this will likely not be available from a third-party supplier. A manufacturer, on the other hand, is able to modify the size of equipment.

Here at Steely Products, we will modify any equipment design or even manufacture a unique bespoke design for our customers.

Direct communication and customer service

If there is an issue with equipment, this needs sorting quickly. A wholesaler can only do so much. If the issue is beyond their scope to fix, they will liaise with the manufacturer. This form of indirect communication is not the best way to resolve the issue. It is better to talk directly to the manufacturer for a solution.

Steely Products takes pride in its excellent standard of customer service. Customer service does not stop after a sale has been made – we are always here to answer questions and give advice.


The benefits of dealing directly with the manufacturer are clear – expert service, wide range of choice, bespoke design options, better prices and great after-sales service.

Another benefit of dealing directly with Steely Products is that we are based in the UK. This means that delivery times are short, and our team members are available to visit your business premises to consult on the best equipment for your particular operation.

If you are within travelling distance of Manchester, you are welcome to arrange a visit to our workplace to see the quality and care that our metalworkers employ to make the finest tubular steel equipment.

Deal directly with Steely Products

Steely Products only deals directly with end users – we don’t use distributors or wholesalers, and we are personally interested in every customer. Over our 40 years of manufacturing, we have built up a reputation for being flexible and reliable.

Dealing directly with Steely Products is easy. Simply give us a call or use the handy contact form below.

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