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The benefits of a steel-built warehouse

It has long been considered by construction experts that steel buildings are a versatile and economical alternative to traditional timber and brick constructions.

Depending on the complexity of the design, they can be erected in a fraction of the time, with some smaller buildings completely assembled before being dropped off, and then merely attached to a foundation base. If you are considering buying or building a new warehouse, a few positive points might help you decide.

Steel buildings are usually erected more quickly than traditional methods, as large sections can be preengineered in the factory ready for assembly on site. There is no need to employ a team of joiners, bricklayers or roofers, though a foundation, electrical installations and plumbing will still have to be organised.

Insurance costs could be lower too, as steel buildings tend to be more fire-proof, insect-proof and hurricane-resistant. The flexibility of a steel warehouse also makes it much easier to expand or modify the structure as your business grows.

Steel built warehouses require much less maintenance than a timber or brick building, resulting in cost savings that can be invested elsewhere. What’s more, the strength and structure of a steel building can also support solar panels, adding to efficiency and cost saving measures.

An experienced warehouse equipment manufacturer, like ourselves at Steely Products, will be able to advise on the most adaptable system for your new facility, and help design everything from packing stations to fully welded rails for optimum processing of orders.

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