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The big benefits of good utility management

Keeping costs low are crucial in any operation, large or small. High running costs can eat into a business’s profit margin if they are not kept in check, and could mean the difference between failure and success. Having a firm grip on operational costs with effective management of

utilities can go a long way to protecting a company’s future.

The reliance on electricity, gas, oil and water in any commercial premises is the same, but with a large warehouse, especially one that is operational 24/7, the consumption and usage will be much greater than an office block for instance. Goods that require keeping at a certain temperature, for example food products or fabrics, to prevent them from spoiling or becoming damp, can consume a large part of your utility bills. A utility management strategy should effectively look at all the things that impact on utility usage, such as any over or under use of services, streamlining a facilities layout, and looking at alternatives to current suppliers or fuel.

Using the advice of a warehouse equipment supplier, the layout and utilisation of a large storage space can be modified to maximise efficient use of lighting and heating. Invest in some extensive staff training, promoting cost saving exercises and effective use of utilities with rewards and incentives. In the long run, taking positive measures now can go a long way to ensuring the success and profitability of your business, resulting in improved customer service and overall financial performance.

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