Can apparel storage organisation increase warehouse efficiency?

Organising your apparel warehouse into a well run storage facility can help your business grow and improve the service you give to your customers. Knowing exactly where everything is at any given time means your staff can fulfil orders quickly and correctly, improving labour efficiency. First, you need to make sure that the system you put in place is suitable for

the special demands of apparel storage, and is not designed for a different industry altogether.

Clear and informative printed labels stating colour, size, pack contents and SKU code should be on every stock item received, if possible use photographs for more accurate stock picking. Store like items with like items, so for example a football shirt that is often ordered with matching football shorts as part of a kit, should be stored together to save picking time. When choosing shelving, don’t go for the cheapest option, this often becomes a false economy. Instead choose strong garment rails that can be easily stacked vertically, optimising space and giving peace of mind regarding strength.

With space at a premium, keeping aisles clean and tidy protects not only your staff but also your stock, as accidents are less likely to happen. It also pays to regularly review any picking systems and shelving layout, being prepared to change and adapt as your business grows. Listening to warehouse staff can reap rewards as they are the ones usually implementing any changes, and can tell you if a particular approach is successful. Keeping your warehouse ship-shape and organised just takes a little planning and time, but can give your business a boost and improve the bottom line.

Posted by Katrina
2nd May 2018

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