Delivering the best steel sofa display racks on the market

High-quality display racks for sofas are needed both in the storage and the retail parts of the furniture trade. Those who supply furniture to high street shops around the country need to be able to store all of the sofas they (more…)

Mattress display racks – reliable and durable

Mattress display racks are vital to the smooth running both of the warehouses where these items are stored, and the furniture outlets where they are sold. Ideally, they (more…)

All you need to know about furniture trolleys

Without specialised equipment, furniture is difficult and unsafe to move. Sofas weigh a lot and are awkwardly shaped, mattresses are heavy and non-rigid, and many types of chairs are not stackable. Standard trolleys can be used, but they limit how many items of furniture can be carried at once. There are furniture trolleys available that make the (more…)

How to move furniture in the workplace

Any business that manufactures or sells furniture needs equipment to move it. Furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds and tables all have different shapes, sizes and weights. Furniture trolleys are used to move furniture around the workplace, but there is no one universal trolley suitable (more…)

A brief history of the sofa

The sofa may be given different names – settees, davenports, chesterfields or couches, but they all define a seat designed for more than one person. The name “sofa” likely comes from the ancient Arabic word “suffah”, which means “long bench”. In the following sections, we’ll explore the (more…)

Furniture store gives bonuses thanks to booming sales

Online furniture store Made is giving staff bonuses worth over £10,000 thanks to high volumes of sales during (more…)

How to move large furniture items with ease

Manually moving large furniture items is safe and easy – provided it is done correctly. Here are (more…)

How furniture companies can reduce warehouse bills

Wastage and energy bills in the warehouse can be very costly for furniture retailers and manufacturers. Here are several ways to (more…)

The intelligent design of furniture trolleys

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, from small dining chairs to large king-size beds. Since there is no one furniture trolley suitable for all types of (more…)

How furniture trolleys suppliers help companies grow

Furniture trolley suppliers are keeping up with the changing demands of the furniture industry. (more…)

The importance of storage trolley production to the furniture industry

Furniture manufacturers such as Chesterfield, The English Sofa Company and mattress manufacturers Glencraft continue to make furniture and (more…)

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