How to transition from a B2B to B2C warehouse

Due to the rise of eCommerce, many warehouse owners are making the transition from a business-to-business (B2B) to a business-to-consumer (B2C) operation. The challenge they face is how to (more…)

Why UK manufacturers rely on practical furniture trolleys

When it comes to furniture trolleys, UK manufacturers need ones that are well designed, practical and will last a long time under heavy use.

Many items of (more…)

How a warehouse storage racks supplier always puts safety first

Safety is a priority in warehouses, especially when using storage racks. (more…)

Tougher sentences could prompt improved warehouse safety

New sentencing guidelines could lead to better health and safety for warehouse workers who manually handle items.

Revised sentencing guidelines as (more…)

Reducing energy consumption with an automated lighting system

Big savings can be made with an automated lighting system that uses LED lighting alongside the latest in wireless communications. Installation and maintenance costs can be kept to a minimum, and with wireless technology, disruptions to production are avoided. It is believed that between (more…)

Forklift manufacturer’s new facility opens in Ireland

Forklift manufacturer, Combilift, has opened a new state of the art facility in Monaghan, Ireland at a cost of €50 million. This coincides with the company’s 20th anniversary, and has created 230 new jobs since plans were first made three years ago in 2015, with a further 200 planned over the next three years. The expansion is hoped to double production by (more…)

Can apparel storage organisation increase warehouse efficiency?

Organising your apparel warehouse into a well run storage facility can help your business grow and improve the service you give to your customers. Knowing exactly where everything is at any given time means your staff can fulfil orders quickly and correctly, improving labour efficiency. First, you need to make sure that the system you put in place is suitable for (more…)

The big benefits of good utility management

Keeping costs low are crucial in any operation, large or small. High running costs can eat into a business’s profit margin if they are not kept in check, and could mean the difference between failure and success. Having a firm grip on operational costs with effective management of (more…)

Why supply chain management is so important

The goal of any commercial operation is to get a particular product from its point of origin to final destination with the minimum of cost while achieving maximum profit. The success of this process is all about effective supply chain management, and the strategies that are in place. Supply chain management deals with the direct coordination of internal processes, such as (more…)

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