Steel industry calls for green steel production

The European Union is considering a carbon tax on steel, but the steel industry is calling for increased green steel production instead of taxes. (more…)

Is there an alternative to welding metal?

Welding is a process to attach one piece of metal to another. Welding is not easy, requiring a high degree of skill. There are alternative methods of joining metal together, some of which are easier. Why doesn’t Steely Products use non-welding methods, especially as some of these methods are cheaper and quicker? To explain why, let’s examine each (more…)

Blockchain technology traces tubular steel records

Blockchain technology has been recommended to store records of equipment (more…)

How Steely Products matured from a start-up to established

Steely Products was formed over 50 years ago, in 1970. Back then, we were a start-up business, but we are now well-established. Here’s some insight into how we developed into (more…)

Material handling equipment market forecast to hit $200 billion

A new report by Global Market Insights expects the value of the worldwide material handling equipment market will exceed 200 billion US dollars by 2027. (more…)

What is the design process for warehouse equipment?

Steely Products designs and produces quality warehouse equipment. We also work with companies on bespoke designs that are specific to their operations. The design process doesn’t follow rigid rules, and it can vary for each client, but there are several principles that (more…)

What’s the design process for new equipment?

Since 1970, Steely Products has been designing and making quality material handling and storage equipment. During that time, we’ve never been complacent about our designs, and we’re constantly refining and improving our (more…)

Why investing in quality equipment matters

If you’re looking for material handling or storage equipment, you should aim to purchase items that are strong, reliable and well-designed for the job they’re made for. At Steely Products, we’re proud of producing quality material handling and storage equipment that benefits our customers. Here’s why we believe creating and investing in quality equipment is (more…)

Benefits of buying equipment direct from a manufacturer

Material handling and storage equipment is available from a number of suppliers. There are several advantages, however, of buying direct from (more…)

Why are casters used on warehouse trolleys?

Steely Products manufactures trolleys that use premium quality swivel casters to make them easy to pull, push and steer. A trolley carrying heavy loads needs strong casters that (more…)

What is collaborative design?

At Steely Products, we believe that great design is a collaborative process between the end-user and our design engineers. This process produces warehouse storage and handling equipment that works well and is (more…)

Why use a British manufacturer of warehouse equipment?

Steely Products is a Manchester-based manufacturer of material handling and storage equipment for warehouses, retailers and manufacturers. All our equipment is made inhouse without outsourcing to other companies. There are many benefits of using a Britain-based manufacturer for your warehouse equipment, and we have (more…)

How a warehouse racks manufacturer helps storage reorganisation

When business conditions change, warehouses face the challenge of finding the best way to reorganise their racking system to accommodate more inventory or create social distancing arrangements. A warehouse racks manufacturer will (more…)

Steelmaker given €75m loan for low-carbon steelmaking

ArcelorMittal,the world’s largest steelmaker, has received a €75m (approximately £68m) loan towards two projects in Belgium that are developing technologies to produce steel with fewer carbon emissions.

Many industries rely on (more…)

How a warehouse storage racks manufacturer helps deal with peak demand

There are times when warehouses that handle online orders have a peak demand and require extra storage racks to hold more stock.

Extra sales occur at (more…)

Five qualities you should expect from a warehouse rack manufacturer

Any business that stores a large number of items needs strong and reliable racks made by a reputable warehouse rack manufacturer.

You should expect your (more…)

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